Who do we serve?
Rebuilding Together Solano County (RTSC) is dedicated to rehabilitating stick-built homes for low-income homeowners per the following criteria:
Reside in Solano County and own their home.
Elderly (65 years of age or older)
Veteran / Activity military
Disabled or Families with minor children.

Everyone we work with has financial need and every home we work on needs significant work. Our vision is a Solano County where neighbors help neighbors in need to live in warmth, safety and independence. It is our goal to coordinate material and services with willing volunteers whose interest meets with our vision and provide elderly, veterans, disabled or families with minor children with a safe, secure environment.

Rebuilding Together Solano County will ultimately provide services to citizens though-out the county. Initially, we have started small in Vallejo and have expanded to include Benicia. Success to date indicates that there is a willing pool of volunteers and sponsors who wish to help our target homeowners.

Rebuilding Together Solano County schedules two Workday Events during each calendar year. It is our goal to expand the number of workdays but must do so in a manner that fits realistic growth in capabilities, volunteers, and staff.

What does RTSC do?
Rebuilding together rehabilitates both the inside and outside of target homes. Our services range across replacement of plumbing and electrical fixtures and facilities, carpentry and construction on interior walls, painting and finish work which may be required to effect repair and livability to room/rooms within the home. We can also provide services to clean-up and spruce-up to landscape and yard areas with an eye to safety and maintainability by the homeowner.

Rebuilding Together Solano County works in partnership with neighborhoods, involving residents in all aspects of our work. We value the collaboration with other groups who share similar goals. We believe in quality planning, delivery and evaluation of our services. We believe in inclusiveness, and seek to promote a diversity that is reflective of our communities.

Rebuilding Together is a nonprofit, 501-c-3, public benefit corporation and is not organized for the private gain of any person. It is organized under the Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation Law for charitable purposes.

How does RTSC workday happen?
Rebuilding Together Solano County, through its Executive, Advisory and Board of Directors, coordinates materials, funding and volunteer sign-up for designated Workday Events within the community served. Volunteer members coordinate community-based business sponsors and suppliers to provide the requisite materials needed to service the homeowner or RTSC skilled contractor identified maintenance requirements. Actions follow to schedule, advertise, collect materials, and support the participants of the event on the day the Workday Event occurs at the home. Executive staff maintain follow-on contact to ensure the homeowner encounters no issues regarding work or materials used in the home repair.

How RTSC is different than Habitat for Humanity?
Habitat for Humanity builds homes in designated locations for families according to the Habitat for Humanity Charter.

Rebuilding Together coordinates the repair of existing homes in Solano County for low-income, elderly, disabled, veterans / active duty, and families with young children. .